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Direct Commission Officer

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Academic lectures will include topics covering:

Leadership and Management: Prepare the newly commissioned officer to inspire and effectively utilize the people in their charge, their most valuable assets.

Programs and Policies: A basically trained Naval Officer will possess knowledge and the ability to apply programs and policies central to core values and ethos.

Military Customs, Traditions, and Regulations:  Naval Officers will demonstrate customs, traditions, and regulations central to naval culture.

Naval History: Officers must comprehend the role naval forces play in current national policies and diplomatic and military strategies of the United States.

Naval Warfare: Officers must understand the basics of Naval warfare and comprehend how to apply them in a dynamic environment.

Fitness and Wellness Programs: Officers must demonstrate a high level of personal physical fitness and be able to apply leadership skills in the implementation of Navy and Marine Corps personal excellence and wellness programs.

Military Training

Military training at Direct Commission Officer’s Indoctrination Course is comprised of the following categories:

Physical Training: Students will be required to take a mock Physical Fitness Assessment (PHA) while attending DCOIC. *Must report to DCOIC within Body Composition Assessment (BCA) standards- or you will be dis-enrolled and returned to NOSC/UNIT on the first day of class.

Room & Locker Inspection (RLP): An Officer’s room is subject to inspection anytime. To ensure cleanliness and maintain standards, room inspections occur at regular intervals in lieu of zone inspections. Rooms are to be maintained in accordance with the daily room standards.

Personnel Inspection (PI): Each Officer will be inspected for proper uniform, haircut, shave, knowledge, hygiene and general military appearance in the following uniforms: service khaki and service dress blue.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Pass Third Class Swim Qualification: Students will be required to take and pass the Navy Third Class Swim Test. This will test the students ability to swim 50 yards, jump off of a 10ft platform, float for five (5) minutes and inflate their uniform in a drown proofing exercise.You will NOT receive graduation credit if you do not pass the swim (MILPERSMAN 1414-010). It is HIGHLY encouraged that you seek additional swim instruction prior to your arrival. Click here to view Swim Qualification video.
  • Pass the Academic Test with a 70% or above. (Academic lesson plans can be found on the DCO Community of Interest Page on the Navy Reserve Homeport: https://private.navyreserve.navy.mil/coi/DCOIC/Pages/default.aspx
  • Complete 4 NKO courses (details in the following section)

Navy Knowledge Online Requirements

The following NKO courses are required to be completed before graduation.  However, it is recommended to Reserve Members to complete this training prior to their arrival.  Ensure the courses are completed for the current Fiscal Year.

Introduction to the Navy's Fraternization Policy


DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge V2

(DOD-IAA-V12.0 34)

Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information Awareness Training


Antiterrorism Level 1 Awareness Training for Service Members/Gov't Civilians (CONUS)


Steps for accessing the required e-Learning courses:

  1. Go to the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) website: https://www.nko.navy.mil/
  2. Go to the "Navy e-Learning > Online Courses" link under "Learning"
  3. Click “OK” then select the “email” certificate.
  4. Select the “Course Catalog” tab
  5. Select "(USN) Department of the Navy (DON) Training" in the “Learning Category” box
  6. Scroll down and select "(OTC)Officer Training Command"
  7. Select "DCO(Direct Commission Officer)"
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