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Physical FITNESS Standards

The Navy considers a physically fit body as important as a sound mind. The objectives of the physical training classes at Officer Training Command are to develop stamina, endurance and to improve your overall physical condition so you can meet demanding physical fitness requirements.

Physical training instruction begins immediately upon arrival. You are required to be within Navy body fat standards upon arrival.  They are:

Male Standards by age:
18-21: 22%
22-29: 23%
30-39: 24%
40+ 26%

Female Standards by age:
18-21: 33%
22-29: 34%
30-39: 35%
40+ 36%

On the first day of training, you will complete a height, weight, and body composition analysis to ensure you are within Navy body fat standards.  If you are found to be out of standard; this can adversely impact your status here at Officer Training Command and the program which you are currently in.

You should report in your best possible physical condition. The better shape you’re in, the less susceptible you’ll be to injury. It is highly recommended that you prepare yourself well ahead of time. The following link contains recommended conditioning programs to help prepare you for the physical fitness requirements of Officer Training Command.

Click here for Fitness Guidehttp://www.navyfitness.org/fitness/noffs-training/operational-series/virtual-trainer

  • Select "Group Training Series"
  • Perform for 30-60 minutes, 3-4 days a week.

*** NOTE *** Contact your doctor prior to commencing any exercise program.


Mustangs requiring Second Class Swim Qualification will have the opportunity to obtain while at OTCN.

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